Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Spears of Jamaa

The spears have been found in various places in Jamaa, but only mystery surrounds them.I have peeked in Lisa's log, and I adapted this copied manuscript from her log, as it was in diary entries and phantom runes.

The Claws of Mira

by Amy Jiao

 Chapter One

 The claws of Mira had fallen to the ground when she had died for Amelia, and some brave Jammers collected them. However, some became traitors and betrayed Mira, simply turning the claws over to the phantoms.The alphas were angry, and the third phantom war sparked.(I assure you, the gore in this post hasn't happened yet, it is a simple prediction a phantom oracle made.The spears, however, were transffered back in time so that the Jamaasians had a chance to win, as Jamaa was destroyed.Who knows? Maybe the war will happen, and we Jamaasians will be online to witness it...)
The following gore may be too intense, so look away before you throw up your snack...

Chapter Two

 The sun had been gone for days, and everyone was worried.Mira had recently been revived from a deep sleep, but was now old and frail. The Jamaasians kept their claws of Mira and other weapons issued to them, but not all of them got proper training from the alphas.Since they were minor gods, their influence could be everywhere, but dark days had come too soon.The phantom virus had spread, and now they had only ten million fighters, unlike their ususal number of a billion.Even the robots were nervous, barely drinking any oil anymore, and they seriously were drunk on oil. The phantoms were arriving, and all the newfound death, scamming, hacking, blocking and bullying had given the phantoms new warriors. The end was near,and neither of the recently revived deities, Mira and Zios, could do much about it.

 Chapter Three

 Finally, after three weeks of anxiousness, the sun came back, but now it was black.Crops couldn't grow, the rivers dried up, and anyone without Greely's SPF 300,000,000 applied would die in seconds outside.The alphas went on quests frequently now to stop the phantoms from invading, but they were weakening, especially Cosmo.He had worked for years now, trying to strengthen Mira and Zios, but now they were not any help."Haaa-lllo!"Mira would shout to Zios sleepily, and Zios would reply,"The sun is quite nice today, isn't it?"and Mira would shout back"We have cookies at the Twoleg store,for only $99.99!"Cosmo had no idea where she got the last one, but the price was correct.All supplies costed a lot now,and the fact that phantoms stole away worker robots and androids every day wasn't helping.He cried out, sent out a healing wave, and faded into the spirit world.

 Chapter Four

 However, the wave of healing wasn't enough. Now, three days after Cosmo's death, the alphas were splattered in blood, and riding half-dead pegasi to the sun. As crazy as it seems, the sun was made of hardened phantom corspes, so it spread an ominous feeling over the land. The phantom rulers lived in there, growing stronger everytime something bad happened, or at least was thought of.There were signs everywhere about being optismistic, not pessimistic, but the sight of Mira on the billboards wasn't enough.The rulers were growing stronger.They arrived, and went through a hatch in the black sun.The pegasi dropped,dead, to the groundNo escape, no chance of winning, no chance of protecting Jamaa.The alphas trudged up the ramp to the throne room in despair.The phantom king saw them, and laughed."Your end is near, alphas. Any last words?"the queen added to his laughter."I like painting in Jamaa! We'll haunt you even in death!"Peck shouted, and Lisa glared at her.I mean, what sort of last words are those?That, only made the king laugh more, and they summoned the claws of Mira. They elongated into magical spears that always reaped the soul of the victim. Greely had made the spears long ago, but broke them for protection. Then, he had bonded the spears(now fixed)to the claws, and now they made a last stand for Jamaa with them.

 Chapter Five

 Blood and ichor was spilled on the ground as the two forces fought.Lisa stabbed with kung-fu accuracy, and Graham spun the spears around in wonder as he held off the goons.Amelia roared the roar of fear itself, and destroyed every phantom in the world except for the rulers.However, the effort took her spirit.She collasped, and Greely sobbed over her body.Peck doodled with the spear in midair, and her pictures came to life. A roaring lion fought the queen, killing her, but the king just rose from his throne. "Your land shall be burned to pieces!"Sir Gilbert clawed the king to pieces, but not before an arm of flame touched Jamaa, setting everything aflame. Tears welled up in the alpha's eyes as they saw the lush land of Jamaa die right before their eyes. They had failed, and they were to retreat to their native lands.

 Chapter Six=Epilouge

 The alphas had failed in their service, and the gods awakened to find that their land was burned to ashes, and everyone dead. Even the bots were helpless as they burned to ashes. However, with the last piece of their strength, they had released all the spirits in the spirit stones and teleported the spears back in time. Now, when the phantoms come, we fend for ourselves with the spears, and learn how to harness the claws with all the might of the alphas. Who knows? Maybe we can prevent the future end of the world...



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