Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Part Two

 King awoke in paradise.
 A lush temple around him grew bursting plants, with not-so-faded marks in the stone. Scents of rare and exotic flowers drifted in his nose by breeze, and the temperature was just perfect.
Evil may have lurked here before, as there were a few phantom corspes hanging from the trees, but everything was at ease. A river flowed nearby, the insects and birds sang in harmony, and the grass seemed to form a bed around King. A few birds-of-paradise looked down in his eyes, which he found creepy.
"Where am I?" King asked his newfound friends.
"In the Lost Temple Of Mira,of course!" a bird that had two large forehead plumes squawked. The other birds nodded.
"I thought that Jamaa Township was Mira's temple!" King complained, but the birds shushed him.
"Yes, it is sacred to the Sky Mother, but this is a temple the Alphas still have yet to show to the public!"the birds said. Somehow, Elvanto had implanted knowledge of Mira in his mind, despite his fuzzy mind. King's mind was full of questions, but first he wanted to explore. So he got up, and went out a crumbling doorway.
The birds made no attempt to stop him, and started preening as if nothing had happened.
King saw many various plants and animals, along with a lily lake and a crumbling courtyard with various buildings and artifacts scattered around.
If you had read the Mira Gate, those events happened a long time ago, and since then the place has grown lusher and less tainted by the years. Today, it is known as the Paradise Party's location. The well is just where the Timekeepers once stood, as they had crumbled away to nothing.
 Suddenly, Elvanto's voice came back just as King was enjoying himself.
"Since you have sinned in the Jamaa Township, Greely asked me to embark you on a mission. I agreed. Follow the bane, and retrieve the orb..."Elvanto said, but the breeze swept his words away.
Probably an old enchantment that prevented any phantom contact, King thought. A silver coin dropped from the sky, and it landed on his fur, and melted into his flesh. Suddenly, King felt a desire to go into the most intact building in the forest. So he went in, and discovered quite a fright.

To be continued...

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