Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Creation Of Ook

 You may wonder why I'm doing a MonkeyQuest myth, but it is one that I retrieved from the oldest archives of the Chamber Of Knowledge, at the back of the shelf. Those old tomes are really dusty, you know.
 This is a tale of Zios, and here is how it goes...


 by Amy Jiao

 Zios was not satisfied when he created Jamaa, and snuck off with some of Mira's feathers and a few pieces of Jamaa in the darkest part of the night.
 He found an empty patch of ocean far from Jamaa, and started to weave, for he could string thread of the fabric of time as easily as a human may do a Cat's Cradle.
The Crossroads area came first, as a small crater where he cast the first feather. The feather made a small lake, and brought up some lava in a nearby crater where Zios threw the second feather.
 Grass and trees grew, and the temples dedicated to Zios's monkey form sprang up. Since Zios was Father Sky, he could become any animal, and so sometimes roamed among the mortals. Sometimes, he would actually fuse with a certain animal, and that animal would be chosen to become an Alpha to guard the Spirit Stones he had made out of his own soul.
Next, Zios created Jade Mountain, where large reservoirs of Jade lay. This time, he created a mostly barren land, but with plenty of rivers, bamboo and Foo pandas, pandas with a larger appetite and a very bouncy fat store under their hide than Jamaasian pandas.
 Zios still wasn't satisfied, and made a mountain range, along with small trees to supply wood, the tall mountain of Z'or that ruled them all, and plenty of walruses for meat.
 Yet, Zios thought some things were missing. So he created an area where swamps and bogs were common, and the earth's blood seeped up to feed the overgrown plants.
 However, Zios liked to do his best, and made a final part of the land.
A beach sprung up with a small island off the coast of the landmass, and he created  many ocean animals to roam the bay. At that moment, he named the land Ook, because the land seemed to act like a monkey's land to him.
That was it! The intelligent people of the land would be monkeys! So Zios created monkeys, but they weren't very smart. So instead, he created mystical creatures to evolve into smarter monkeys, and recalled the stupid monkeys back to his mana reserves.
 But Apophis was still in the Sea Of Chaos, as Zios hadn't customized Earth much yet, and he was up to no good.
So Apophis broke off a piece of himself, and created Ka, the Shadow Demon. Ka, and his evil minions, haunted the land. and covered Ook with their souls, as the phantoms desire in Jamaa.
Zios was horrified, and broke Ka into a million pieces, and put each of the pieces into a chest, all of which were scattered across the land. Since Zios's land was nearly destroyed by then, he recreated everything, but remade the monkeys, and a chameleon to instruct his next hero, the Monkey King.
Zios was tired, and barely made anything else. He named the chameleon Enzo, and tried to make both the Monkey King and Enzo as much as he could like himself, but both were a tad vain. So he created five monkeys, and placed them in the corners of Ook.

 Zios went back to his bed of stars in mixed feelings that night, as he thought over the creation of Ook.

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