Sunday, February 17, 2013

When Marks Teach Lessons

 King Majormajor walked around the Township, and suddenly had an idea.
He snuck to Mira's ruined shrine, and changed into ripped robes. Mira's eyes stared down at him with pity, although he swore that her eyes were never like that. King walked back into the township, and collapsed.
"I am poor, send me unwanted stuff!"he cried with his best poor voice. A few Jammers sent some blue Macaws, and cards attached to items rained down on him. King laughed.
"You are foolish, I was scamming! Now may Mira make you even more stupid!" King shouted, and ran. The Jammers made no attempt to catch him, which was unusual for King.
 Most of the time his victims chased him screaming "SCAMMER."
He lay under Mira's wings, looking at the sky and his new rares. Suddenly, a voice echoed through the Township.
"King, if you are really a King, then I dare you to climb Mt. Shiveer!" the voice shouted.
"Who are you?" King shouted back. The voice laughed.
"I am the ghost of Elvanto, the wretched Phantom assassin! I dared defy good, and I died at the hand of Harper! My dares cannot be refused...and only those who are truly wretched can hear me, go try."the voice said. A chill went down King's spine, and his paws moved against his will. The voice laughed again.
 King's mouth moved against his will as he emerged into the crowd as Jammers chattered like birds.
"Anyone hear that Phantom?" he asked the crowd.
Everyone was silent for a moment, then started laughing.
"You are lying, scammer. Go ahead and climb the mountains!" everyone laughed. King's face turned beet red, and he fled to the mountain against his will, although he would have done it anyway.
 King scampered over the thin ice covering a spring, and went up the path, past the slide, past the cave, past the magic boundaries. Suddenly, the weather grew harsher, and yet Elvanto insisted on staying as a tour guide.
"Dis is where the Ram Spirit Stone was destroyed, and now it hangs with a replica in the Shiveer Shoppe and Jam Mart Clothing. Mira was angry, and sent a storm all the way from Cloud Peak. It still rages today."Elvanto said. As if that wasn't obvious.
  King kept climbing the mountain, as harsh as the weather could be. Somehow, Elvanto controlled his muscles so that he couldn't turn back.
He could only go forward.
 King slipped, and Elvanto made no attempt to hold him up.
Then again, he was just a ghost.
"Argh!"he shouted as he barely got a pawhold on the sheer cliff.
Rocks tumbled down the slope, plunging into the forest below.
"Help!" King shouted, but his claws slipped from the rock, and he was plunged into darkness.

 To be continued...

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