Sunday, February 17, 2013

[Another] Part Three

 Inside, there were ghosts dressed in spiritual robes, definitely phantoms that died long ago. The ghosts took no heed of King, but he stepped around them carefully anyway. He had to scream three times before he could get over his fear.
The next room wasn't much better.
Gold, crystals, rubies, diamonds and other minerals of value were scattered at his paws, beckoning him to step on them. Only, the big ones were screaming "Don't touch me!" and the little ones "Embrace me!" King was confused, and avoided them altogether. He couldn't help but cry out in confusion.
And the next room was even more disturbing.
King saw himself in the room, holding a knife and killing young kits in a basket, lips blood-caked. Blood was spread on bread, blood was in jars, blood was slowly becoming a monster that seemed more phantom than monster. Just as the monster groped for him, he was in another dreadful room. King screamed.
This time, Greely was here.
Greely was staring at his paws, ignoring everything in the room full of goodies. King walked around Greely, threw pies in his face, slashed Greely until his claws were bloody, but Greely kept muttering the same thing:
"Oh, dear, I should have cut my claws today...insanity and greed...order and balance...Amelia and me...Harper and Marco...Love is insane...Spill the blood, Admiral! Get the orb!"
King had no idea what Greely was doing, but he didn't have time to ponder the matter.
And another room loomed above King, but now he was at a crossroads. He was about to run for Momma as shadows crept along the walls, laughing, when a rugged wolf appeared in the doorway to his right, staring at him.
King found himself following the wolf into a small antechamber, where a tapestry and a pure orb sat under the cloak of darkness.
"King, anyone unworthy of forgiveness would be insane by now. I am proud that finally somebody can stand such torture, and you may be purified by this orb..." the wolf said, smiling. King hadn't felt  that tortured, but he took it as a trophy anyway.
 He was skeptical, after hearing Crazy Greely in the last room, but he smashed his face into the glass.

 King was in the Township, but now everyone was chanting his name.
"King, King, King."
He felt proud, and smiled to the sun as all of Jamaa lifted him up on their shoulders, and King thought:
Maybe scamming isn't that good after all.

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