Monday, October 1, 2012

Updated Newspaper And More

Phantastic Rares

Hello phantom breeders! As the Night Of The Phantoms floats toward us,darkness has swept over Jamaa. If you have an idea how phantoms mate,leave it in teh comments.Also, pet tarantulas have spun their web into Jamaa,and the newspaper has been updated to version 70.1.Apparently AJHQ couldn't wait to show off the new member gifts.Sorry,I don't have any pictures since I don't know how to take snapshots with my chinese paint program.I can't find it,sorry.

Today's "rare" item is the one and only necklace in the Shiveer Shoppe.I know that this wasn't the original goal of AJPBC,but I will post about new items when it has something to do with phantoms.It is a nice ghastly black and orange,good for a Cleopatra costume.

Another item I am introducing to you is the bat mask.Now costumes are coming out,so take flight and go buy them! I hope that mansions will return,and the alphas can come with some halloween quests...

Now I will show you the new den item,which is the angry Jack-O-Lantern. Seems a little too wretched for a pumpkim...

Still,I want you to tell other people about my blog,not many people really look at it.Please be a lifelong fan!October marks that I have played Animal Jam for a YEAR,so I hope that'll make me experienced enough to do a blog on my favorite website.My username is roxy30000 by the way,my den rocks Jamaa.

Anyways,I made this long post because I fear my blog is boring.Am I wrong?If you are still reading this,I am sorry that all good things must come to an end,I have to do homework.See you in Jamaa,avid reader.

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