Monday, October 1, 2012

Tutor Avaliable For A Zios Glitch!!!

Second Zios Glitch

I think it is time to show you the second Zios glitch in words. Basically you can use it to sit on doors,this works from the arched gate to any other door.

                                            Sitting On Doors

                                             Instructor:Amy Jiao,myself. 

                                      #1) Do the skyway.
                                      #2) Get within sprinting range of your target.
                                      #3) Change animals
                                      #4) While you morph,run onto the door.Do not move.
                                      #5) Enjoy! Note:glitch wears off when you run off the gate.

  Try it and see what happens! If you do a Youtube video where a ghost sits on the door and waits for the main charater,then have the "ghost" do this glitch when it's out of sight,then walk up and act freaked out.Even glitches have a use in the film indrustry!!!!

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