Friday, October 19, 2012

Quest Demo,At Last.

Quest Script

I'm sorry that I didn't post for 19 days,but I am making this blog nondaily,but I'll update once in a while,check for daily news from Snowyclaw.Here's the quest demo you've been waiting for,ladies and gentlemen!!!

Mythical Icyspirit wagged her bushy tail.The one-eyed many-legged creatures kept he spawning from the puddles of Mira's black tears, overwhelming her. Zios's statue was cracking,and Mira was too consumed in grief to help.Her mentor Amelia was trapped in a cage,and her friends were releasing their own mentors from the cages."What are you?!?"she snarled."We are phantoms.Our only goal is to destroy your nation,Jamaa."the one-eyed creatures replied with no mouth.Mythical didn't see any reason to destroy such a lush land,the land of Jamaa,or challenge a rookie."I-I can't stand up to some evil like this!!!!"she whimpered.She clawed some phantoms into golden dust,but more took their place.Then Amelia tapped her paw gently on the padlock.(Use Father Zios's bomb.)she telepathized so that the "phantoms" didn't hear.(Even though he was locked into his statue because he became old and frail,he created a bomb before he left this world.Get to the statue and kick his hat's blue jewel.)Mythical wasn't happy about this.But the fate of the Lost Temple of Zios depended on her,all those anceint scrolls Greely has retrieved from the Chamer of Knowledge ready to get burned.Even the all-mighty Father Sky Zios's power was tied to this sacred temple.After all,his statue was placed here after it was removed during an earthquake that unearthed relics unknown even to Mira.However,the emperor of Jamaa locked all the old relics away for a few years before a warrior named Old Frozenspirit avenged the rights of the priests and shamen using the Jamaasian Movement and became empreor.Concentrate,she told herself.The phantoms are hacking at the statue with clubs and torches.Sure enough,the phantoms were attacking the already-weak statue of Zios and shouting "Rise to the Phantom Empire!" and "Let's take Zios out of his sleep,and let the Phantom King eat him!!!"Even though Mythical was launching herself at the center of attention,she attacked the sapphire on Zios's hat.(By the way,Sir Gilbert just told me in thoughts that phantoms are attacking Mira's statue to bring the Sky Mother's seat of power down,too.)Amelia added in sharp thoughts.
 That wasn't helping.
 The phantoms stared at her in bewilderement as a small,pocket-sized bomb with a short fuse fell out of Zios's mouth.
 "Adios, amigos."Mythical shouted."Your ideals are no match for the truth:good always triumphs!
 The phantoms gaped at her using their eyes as mouths,their pupils as tongues,as she spat on the bomb to light it.Mythical blacked out as the bomb exploded,shaking all of Jamaa.

 How did you like it?I am doing a series of quest demos,all including phantoms.So hey,this is still a Phantom Breeder Club.

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