Friday, October 19, 2012

Quest Demo Part Two

Quest Demo!!!

 Hi  Jammers,how are you today?Here is the next installment of the quest demo saga...

 Mythical awoke to Cosmo dabbing her head with a moist leaf."So you're awake."Cosmo said."How long have I been out?"Mythical asked him."Two weeks."he replied gently."The bomb turned out to have explosive gunpowder found only in the deepest caves of Mount Shiveer.Deadly to arctic wolves like you,but even deadlier to monsters like those 'phantoms' our apprentices discovered."
 Mythical felt like a thousand banshees were roaring in her ears.
 Her friends were all apprentices of the shamen,basically demigods since they had blood of either Mira or Zios in their veins,and each has the blood of their mentor too.In other words,the new phantom rebels targeted them since they were powerful.
 "Are my friends ok?!?"Mythical yelped.
 "They are fine,just a few wounds on their outer pelt."Cosmo replied.
 "Let her take in her surroundings,Cosmo.It is stressing to a koala kneeling overyou when you are awakening from a deep sleep."Lisa called from the doorway.
 "What,you're saying I'm scary?"Cosmo complained."You should see the claws and other medals Sir Gilbert hoards from his defeated rogue opponents!"
 As Cosmo left the room wheezing and grumbling,Mythical's surroundings slowy sank into her.She was in the old medical center the evil emperor had knocked down to create the Sol Arcade,with spider silk tapestries on one wall depicting the shamen doing incredible things.On the walls opposing her body,there were beds and large windows partially covered by maple leaf curtains,sunlight streaming in gently.The doors on the remaining wall were pawcrafted from redwood from the tallest trees,brass doorknobs so smooth that a strong wrestler couldn't grip the knob in one try.
 "When Old Frozenspirit rennovated this place,she made it bigger than a small room filled with medical supplies,I guess,Like a proper clinic."Mythical muttered to herself.
 "Mythical,may I come in?"Amelia called from the other side of the closed doors.
  "Sure, I want a quest NOW."Mythical grumbled.Ususally,in the new world Old had created apprentices got a quest every week at best.Shaman apprentices were no different.
  As Amelia opened the creaky doors,Mythical waited for Amelia to boss her around saying "When you plant these seeds,DO NOT spill them cuz' they explode." and orders like that,but instead,she just sat on Mythical's cotton covers."You have a im-por-tant quest,Mythical,and it is VERY difficult.I understand if you refuse it."Amelia said.
 That made her excited."It's time to study the artifacts in the Chamber of Knowledge,Mythical."
 She groaned,because the chamber held billions of artifacts and books/scrolls valueable to Jamaalese archeology,not to mention spirit stones the ancestor creatures of the phantoms(basically phantoms not as evil as the modern version) hadn't stolen.
 "Help!T-the phantoms!!!"Harper screeched in the hallway,dropping some vials of Tylenol for the wing for sick Jammers.Everyone ran to see what was happening,Harper rarely spoke over a whisper.
  Well,I guess that your quest can wait."Amelia sighed.

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