Sunday, September 30, 2012

Learn The Zios Glitch

Lost Temple Of Zios Skyway

Hey Jammers! Since I have gotten at least one fan today I feel lucky. For you Jamaasians who are begging Mira for a glitch,I will show you the ropes.Sorry,but no pictures avaliable.

                                                Zios Skyway Lesson                                                  

  Instructor:Amy Jiao

Step One:stand at the monkey window so that you see Brady Barr's door.
Step Two:click on the door,then the window.
Step Three:repeat,untill you run upward. Enjoy the scenery!

So simple!But it's bedtime for me since tommorrow's a school day, so I can't post about what I think will be an upcoming quest in Jamaa. Drat,drat.....Holy Zios,it's 9:17!!!!!I go to morning SACC (School Age Child Care) every day at 7:15,so  I cannot add a quest demo.See you in Jamaa!!!!!

picture credit goes to Snowyclaw

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  1. I am glad you sleep early everyday. It's a good habit. Good night, have a sweet dream


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