Monday, October 1, 2012

Join Me As A Writer

Join The AJPBC HQ!!!!

As you see,you can be an author with me on my blog. If you think you can post about phantoms and related items like I do,then leave your Google username in the comments and email too.But you must use only pictures and/or content from the AJS blog or from scratch,and you cannot post about random stuff.And use clear grammer too,not like hey peepwhy are s what is up with u and please tell me wht u think of my first job and blah blah blah,or you can be kicked out. Also,if you don't post for five days, I will mark you as absent and kick you off untill you tell me you are back in the comments.If you are gone for two weeks you are pernamenly banned.Tell us in a post if you need a break so that I can keep you as an author!Don't forget to make the posts intresting,with NO posts solely about yourself.Can you follow these regulations?Then you can join the HQ,just leave your Google info in the comments!I'll recruit you if I have a chance,then you are ready to go!

Introduction Voki


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    2. Anonymous, please don't say mean stuff. I have no idea how to change the robot thing, and I WILL block anonymous comments if this keeps up.


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